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This is kingdom_xiii, a low-pressure themed fanworks community for the Kingdom Hearts fandom. This place to keep something accessible and easy for everyone, open to all pairings and characters and ideas. A lot of communities have a large theme list that may intimidate a lot of people, and it's hard to get the character or pairing you would like. Here we offer three separate opportunities to make a claim, as well as only asking for thirteen fanworks!

There are three separate theme sets to choose from, all based on themes presented in Kingdom Hearts. The themesets do not determine the types of fics -- someone with a Darkness theme set could write fluff, and someone with a Light theme set could write dark!fic, if they so choose. It's only giving you options.

1. Master
2. Freedom
3. Valor
4. Wisdom
5. Heroism
6. Mystery
7. Hope
8. Friendship
9. Music
10. Generosity
11. Beauty
12. Love
13. Destiny

BONUS: Replace any of the above with the theme of "Light," or make a fourteenth fanwork!

1. Final
2. Space
3. Wind
4. Ice
5. Earth
6. Shadow
7. Moon
8. Fire
9. Water
10. Time
11. Flower
12. Thunder
13. Key

BONUS: Replace any of the above with the theme of "Twilight," or make a fourteenth fanwork!

1. Anti
2. Callous
3. Hate
4. Knowledge
5. Silence
6. Deception
7. Fury
8. Traitor
9. Dance
10. Gamble
11. Death
12. Pain
13. Fate

BONUS: Replace any of the above with the theme of "Darkness," or make a fourteenth fanwork!

- It should go without saying that all stories and art must be set within the Kingdom Hearts universe. I don't care what world or what character, so long as they appeared in one of the three games (those being Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II).

- You can claim a specific character or a specific pairing. I'll also allow you to claim a specific group (i.e. Hollow Bastion characters) as long as you intend on mixing it up and giving them all attention, rather than using it to just focus on one or two characters. Any character will do, and slash/yaoi, het, and femslash/yuri are all welcome. Threesomes may not be claimed, but you may write/draw a threesome so long as it falls in the scope of your claim.

- While Nobodies are considered separate characters from their Others, please note that continuity is fluid, so once you claim a character, it's gone -- you can't claim them by game.

- Only one claim per person. Once you finish your claim, you may of course make a new one. Once a claim is completed, it becomes available again.

- A character or pairing may be claimed once per theme set. For example, Sora can be claimed up to three times -- once under Light, once under Twilight, and once under Darkness. You may write or draw for your claims. No need to specify -- mix it up, if you so desire.

- Other characters or pairings may appear in your art or fiction, so long as your claimed character or pairing is featured (and by featured I mean main part or equal to the others).

- Please visit the Claims Post to make your claim. Please make sure to check the claim list posted in there make sure you're not claiming what someone else has.

- If you need to drop a claim, please comment here, and the mod will take care of it.

- If you have any questions, please ask them in this post.

- Please use the following template when posting your fanworks:

Subject Line
Fic: "Title" (Subject, Theme #)
Art: "Title" (Subject, Theme #)

Your subject should look something like this: Fic: "Something for Nothing" (Riku/Sora, #6)

Header Template
(Or Artist: if it's art.)
Claim: (Whatever your claim was, so if you claimed Sora, plug his name in here.)
Pairing(s): (Or Character(s): if you're writing genfic.)
Theme Set: (Either Light, Twilight, or Darkness.)
Theme: (Please list it exactly as shown, so it should look like: "1. Master", if that's what you chose.)

Feel free to add things to the header, like summaries, notes, etc., but please don't take anything away.

- You can either link to an off-community page or put your fanwork behind an LJ cut. if you need to know how to use one, please check out the LiveJournal FAQ.

- Interpret the themes however you like. Just don't tack one in there. Themes cannot be combined. Previously posted fanworks are not applicable to be posted here (unless posted under f-lock or otherwise published with restricted access), but you may write chapters devoted to the theme for a previously existing fanfiction. Art may not be icons, but can be photomanipulation. All fanfiction should be at least 100 words, but there is no maximum, and you may write them as a series or chaptered fic if you like.

- All fanworks should have a title, and the title should not be the theme. The theme word can be included in the title, but not exclusively it. Having things with the same title gets pretty tired. So if you're writing a fic on the Master theme from the Light theme set, you can name your fic "Master Fisherman" or whatever, but it can't be "Master" by itself.

- Once you've completed all of your themes, please comment in our Hall of Fame.

- Please don't tag your fics. I'll do that for you. Furthermore, I'll even create links based on a tag for your name in the claims list.

- While there's no real time limit, getting a piece done once every couple months would be awesome and is a great goal to shoot for.

- Putting up spoiler warnings for Kingdom Hearts II would be a nice thing to do until August 1st.

- If you have any questions, please ask them in this post.

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