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Fandom Heretic
Title: Absolutely Fucked
Part: 7/14
Author: Kalloway
Fandom: KH2. Post-KH2..
Disclaimer: No implied ownership, no financial gain, only fanwork.
Characters/Pairings: Leon/Riku, Sephiroth/Cloud, Sora/Kairi, Full Cast
Rating: MA
Claim: Riku/Leon
Theme Set: Light
Theme: #7. Hope
Look, a Summary!: Four years have passed. Riku's in Radiant Garden. And Leon's in over his head.
In this Chapter: Edea helps settle Riku into Lyndal, and there is much curiosity about situation. Sharing quarters also leads to some much-needed reconciliation.
Previously: Chapter 1 | Chapter 6

Yes, this finally exists~

'No quiz on this later, right?'Collapse )
18th-Nov-2007 05:48 pm - DELETION NOTICE
[bleach] orihime dress
Okay, guys. This community is all but dead.

I think I'm going to go ahead and delete it on Friday, because I don't want to mod it anymore, plus I doubt there's going to be someone who'll take the job, judging by the no activity in six months.

So, if I get no comments from this, kingdom_xiii will get deleted, and while I guess that would suck, it's been coming.

If you want to take over, comment, and I'll add you. If not, well...say goodbye. You can't say I didn't warn you.

The end.

Love, your friendly neighborhood mod.
Destiny Impulse
Title: Absolutely Screwed
Part: 6/14?
Author: Kalloway
Fandom: KH2. Post-KH2..
Pairing(s): Leon/Riku, Sephiroth/Cloud, Sora/Kairi... (random other pairings may be mentioned in this work, but I feel it ridiculous to warn for 'X mentioned he dated Y five years ago!')
Rating: MA.
Disclaimer: I owneth not these characters or settings or whatnot. I maketh no loot from fanfic.
Notes: I let my f-list look this over and since none of them ranted at me about glaring errors, I guess we're good to go!!
Claim: Riku/Leon
Theme Set: Light
Theme: #6. Mystery
Look, a Summary!: Four years have passed. Riku's in Radiant Garden. And Leon's in over his head.
In this Chapter: Awkwardness ensues and our main characters get a scenery change...
Previously: Chapter 1 | Chapter 5

He knew he'd regret it, but Leon walked over to Yuffie's chair anyway.Collapse )
21st-Mar-2007 12:50 am - Fic: "Radiance" (Riku/Kairi, #12)
[SE] Soul&Maka - summer heat
Title: Radiance
Author: reversedymnal
Claim: Riku/Kairi
Pairing(s): Riku/Kairi
Theme Set: Darkness
Theme: 12. Pain
Disclaimer: I do not own KH, or any of its marketable variations. And I have come to terms with this fact. Honest. No, really.

In the darkness of the dungeons, Kairi shone.

♥ x-posted to kh_drabble
7th-Feb-2007 03:22 pm - Fic: "Final Threshold" (Zexion, #1)
Infinitum [DGM]
Title: Final Threshold
Author: Selah
Claim: Zexion
Pairing: Xemnas/Zexion
Theme Set: Twilight
Theme: 01. Final
Disclaimer: Don't own nothing.^^;;

( Sometimes he wished that the final stage would just hurry up andarrive; so he could finish up the final act and let everything end orat least close as an ending an nobody could get. )
2nd-Jan-2007 04:21 pm - Fic: "Crossroads" (Light, Hope, 7)
[text] Babe with the power
Title: Crossroads
Author: cleflink
Claim: Axel

Character(s): Axel, Xemnas
Theme Set: Light
Theme: #7 - hope

Disclaimer: Unless having the player's guide counts, I don't own anything to do with these guys.

Warnings: None really. Some angst and gratuitous use of italics. Spoilers for xiii's identity. Worksafe.

axel, fire fetish reprise
Title: Sure Without a Doubt
Claim: Organization XIII
Pairing: Roxas/Axel
Theme Set: Light
Theme: #2, Freedom
Disclaimer: Squeenix owns me, not the other way around. ^^
Summary: AU on the Sixth Day of the prologue. Roxas insists it's not too late.

Sure Without a DoubtCollapse )
10th-Nov-2006 07:59 pm - Fic: Power Play (Light, Freedom, 1)
[text] Babe with the power
Claim: Axel
Character(s): Axel, Organization XIII
Theme Set: Light
Theme: 1 - Freedom
Disclaimer: Don't own them or there'd be a lot more nookie in the game.
Warnings: none - worksafe

Finally posting something! (School eats my soul). First post to this community - hope people enjoy!

7th-Nov-2006 06:59 pm(no subject)
[bleach] orihime dress
Title: Halloween Revelations (A little late, but I just had to post. XD)
Author: Your mom fenerkulesi
Claim: Riku
Character(s): Riku & Sora
Theme Set: Darkness
Theme: 4. Knowledge
Disclaimer: If I put my mind to it, I can do anything...

Hey, who says the mod can't participate? ^___^

I so just noticed I need a good Riku icon...Collapse )
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